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Tips for the Traveler

Health tips for when you are traveling

In today's face paced business world, people have to frequently travel for work commitments. Whether that traveling is by car or plane, the potential disruption to a healthy lifestyle is very real. People need solutions on how to fit in exercise, and how to eat responsibly.


The solutions to fit in exercise are simple enough. First, know yourself. If you know that you'll never exercise after the work day, get it in first thing. Secondly, if there isn't any access to a nearby fitness facility, or the hotel you're staying in doesn't have an exercise room, you'll need solutions in your hotel room. You also probably don't have much time to exercise, shower, and eat breakfast, before starting your work day.


So the solutions need to be time efficient. Another obstacle, if you're going to train in your hotel room, is what equipment to use. Let's face it, you can't pack dumbbells or kettlebells in your luggage.


The solution is, to utilize either body weight exercises, resistance bands, or valslides (moving men discs that you would use under furniture, to move them).


I'm going to give you an example of a body weight routine that you can perform, with very little time needed. As a matter of fact, I've done these workouts before, when traveling with my family (wife, son and daughter), when checking out perspective colleges for our son. I've done these routines while my family was getting ready for the day- dressing and using the bathroom. So you can imagine, there wasn't much room. And they thought I was a little crazy.


But there is generally a straight line from the hotel door, to the windows. Pick a body weight exercise to perform by the door. Select another exercise to do by the windows. The third exercise is the "linking" exercise, that takes you from the door to the window.


By the door: 10 pushups


By the windows: 10 squats


Linking exercise: walking lunges


Pushups with knee sliding across towards the opposite elbow, alternately


Rear Lunges


Mountain Climbers


Glute bridge leg curls

Keep your hips off the floor while bringing in the slides




Advice from your trainer

The slide circuit is challenging both for strength, and aerobically. This circuit can be performed on the floor between the two hotel beds, and the slides are light and easy to pack.


Now, back to the tougher traveling challenge: food. If you're out at night with a client, perhaps you need to have drinks, as part of the evening. Or maybe the food available in your room, or in the hotel restaurant isn't ideal. Make the best of a tough situation. Order the healthiest options. Drink water in between alcoholic beverages. Eat a healthy breakfast to start your day. Bring along a healthy snack bar for the work day, so there's not a big time gap in between meals. Plan ahead if you know what you're facing. The goal is to do the best that you can, until you get back home, to your healthier routine. Don't make excuses, find solutions. You can do this!


Try these solutions to your traveling challenges. Submit your questions and comments in the "Get in Touch" section at the bottom of this page.


Live Right,


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