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Snowball Goal Plan for Success

Every year on January 1st, most people undertake their New Year's Resolutions. I'm sure it wouldn't surprise you to know that two of the most popular resolutions are to exercise more, and to lose weight. But why do most people's resolutions end up not being very successful?


I have two good answers. One is that most people don't make their resolution a definite goal. They make it a wish list. You can even tell by their wording. "This year I would like to lose weight. "This year I'm going to try to quit smoking."


To be successful with a life changing goal, you need a choice, and a definite plan (action plan). The choice is a commitment to yourself.


That brings us to the action plan. This is the second reason why many resolutions end poorly. People don't make specific, tangible goals. They make wish lists.

Here's how the snowball goal plan works:

  • First: pick your resolution or goal.

  • Second: write down five steps you will take to accomplish your goal (don't just say them)

I encourage you to use the example guide below to create your own snowball plan and set yourself up to achieve your goals.


Goal: I will lose 10 lbs by Memorial Day


I will exercise 3 times per week


I will drink at least half of my bodyweight in ounces of water everyday


I will increase my protein intake to 150g per day to build muscle and lose fat


I will sleep at least 7 hours per night


I will keep a daily fitness and nutrition diary to help me stay on task


Advice from your trainer

Excellent! You've written down 6 tangible action steps to get you to your goal. Now just take action on the first goal alone for two weeks. Then add in action step #2 for the next two weeks, and so on, until all of the steps are in place.


This gives you an exact game plan to follow. But the most important part is that you don't do too much at one time. I believe that is what derails many resolutions.


One person I know, went to join the gym for some one on one training. On day one he stated, "I'm going to workout everyday, and I'm going to stop smoking and drinking, and I'm going to eat better". I told him, "that's a bad plan". That would be too much change all at once. When you incorporate the snowball's goal plan you have a much better chance of success.


When we took his game plan in smaller steps, he was successful.


That goal plan is more process based, than outcome based. Take tangible, positive steps, everyday, and the outcome will happen naturally.


So, back to the lose 10 lbs. goal. If you put those six tangible action steps into action, every two weeks, you will have made significant changes in your life in less than 3 months. You'll have a much better chance of being successful, and making them life changes, not just something for that summer.


For more commitment, tell your two best friends your goals. They will help you to stay on task to be successful. They might even join you.


Try this snowball goal plan, to help make your life healthier and happier. Leave me questions and problems in the "Get in Touch" section at the bottom of this page.


Live Right,


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