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Time efficient workouts

Lack of time is one of the most common reasons people don't exercise

We've never been busier. The demands of life; work, family, home, are greater than they've ever been. But that's why you need to exercise; to feel your best while meeting all of life's demands. Explore the concepts on this page that will help you, such as functional training, less exercises that activate more muscles, finding a plan that works for your life, burning calories after you've stopped exercising, and adding something fun to your plan. Yes, fun!


Functional Training

Functional Training involves performing movements that mimic things you need to do, and like to do, in your life. But movements that use a lot of muscle, rather than the antiquated isolation bodybuilding style of exercise from 30+ years ago. Movements like getting out of a chair or car (squats), or step ups (to help with the effort of stairs in your home and/ or work).



Do more with less

The days of training body parts (chest, shoulders, triceps, back, traps, calves, forearms, quads, hamstrings) are over. It takes too much time, and probably doesn't address your interests or goals.


Instead, let's come up with only a couple movements that get everything involved. Example: take 10 minutes and complete a couple of rounds of the exercises below. 



Alternating Knee Taps

In pushup position, alternate bringing a knee towards the opposite elbow. This is very good for all your upper body pushing muscles (chest, shoulders, triceps), but also has a great impact on your abdominal muscles and your heart rate.


Rear Lunges

With nice tall posture, step backwards, bend the knee of the back leg, almost touch the ground with the back knee, while keeping that back knee close to the front heel. If you need more stability help, hold on to something. If you want to make it more challenging, hold a dumb bell in each hand.


Squat Position Band Rows

You'll need a resistance band for this move. In an athletic position (knees & hips bent), pull your shoulder blades together, while holding on to the band. This works your upper back muscles, arm muscles, while your abs and legs brace in support.



Find a plan that works for you

Whatever you choose to do, make a plan for success. If you know you won't workout at the end of the day, fit it in earlier. If you have young children who won't let you exercise at home, do something outdoors with a friend, or go to a gym, and do a short but effective workout there. If your job has you working crazy hours, break your exercise into three (5) minute sessions per day. Perform five minutes before work, five minutes on a work break (go for a walk, hit the stairs), and five minutes after work. Research has shown that these short intervals are just as effective as one long exercise session.



Burning calories after the exercise is over

Excess post oxygen consumption (EPOC) means when you perform some intense exercise (appropriately and safely intense for where you are), your body burns fat after you're done. Research shows that depending on that intensity, calorie (fat) burning can be for up to 24-36 hours later! That's what we need, not skipping exercise, or really long, really easy exercise. Although, as we age, we need some easy recovery work in between those appropriately intense sessions.


Advice from your trainer

Don't forget to have fun. Besides some of these short, intense exercise sessions, do some activity that you like. Add in activities such as these; walk with a friend (maybe in a park, the boardwalk or beach for stress reduction), play golf, play tennis, etc. If you like it, you'll do it more often, and it will offset the other exercise that you might not love.


I hope these time efficient workouts help show you that you can fit in exercise. You just need some new tools.


After you have checked with your doctor, try these solutions to your time problems. Submit your questions and comments in the "Get in Touch" section at the bottom of this page.


Live Right,


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