Power Plate- Strength- Elevated Treadmill Circuit

In this video, you will see Peter performing a challenging circuit with the Power Plate, bodyweight or dumbbell work, and elevated walking/ jogging.

The Power Plate uses Whole Body Vibration technology to create; muscle contraction, circulation & improve bone density.
And if you haven’t done any hill work, or elevated treadmill work…it’s very difficult.

This circuit includes many components of wellness; strength, endurance, & aerobic/ anaerobic conditioning.
Check it out. Great job Peter!

live right, Keith…

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Power Plate Circuit

The Power Plate is a great machine that uses Whole Body Vibration (WBV).
The vibration promotes;
muscle contraction, circulation and bone density.
I use the Plate as a warm up tool and a strength tool.
It stimulates the neuromuscular system that helps people from athletes all the way to seniors.
In this clip you’ll see Mike perform a 3 exercise circuit on the Plate;
pushups, squats and abdominal crunches.

live right, Keith…

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