Power Plate Bulgarian Split Squat w/ Med Ball

The Power Plate is a wonderful exercise tool. It provides; muscle contraction, circulation, bone density & nervous system activation. Check out- www.powerplate.com

Bulgarian Split Squats are a challenging exercise, that helps with; balance, hip flexor stretching (important for those that spend a lot of time sitting), leg & glute strength, trunk activation, & shoulder mobility…in other words, a lot of great stuff!

If you don’t have access to a Power Plate, or other Whole Body Vibration (WBV) machine, just elevate your back foot on a step, box, or bench.

Give it a try!

live right, Keith…

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Functional Training w/ a Barbell & Bodyweight

The goals of this video are; show people that they do have time for exercise (the work in this clip is 8 1/2 minutes long), to let my clients see me work hard (suffer really), and to teach that strength circuits are very time efficient for fat loss/ strength building/ and aerobic-anaerobic conditioning.
People don’t have as much time for anything anymore.
But their health is regressing while they remain sedentary.

I also wanted people to know that they can work AROUND injury issues, not THROUGH them.
I have shoulder problems, and plantar fasciitis in both feet.
This circuit was …

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40 yard, 160 lb. Indoor Prowler Bench Challenge

In this clip you will see Champion Powerlifter & former TEST Sports Club (Tinton Falls) Sports Performance Director, Joe McAuliffe, take on the club record in our Indoor Prowler Bench Challenge (40 yards, 160 lbs.).

The Prowler Bench is a great training tool.
It will give you great results, in less time, with relatively safe bio mechanics.
Start with power walking, progress to jogging & then sprinting (over weeks of time).
Then you can add weight.

Watch Joe give his all to try to top the previous record of :11.8 seconds.

live right, Keith…

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140 yard, 300 lb. Tire Flipping

Tire flipping is fun and very effective.
It can be used for strength, conditioning or sports performance depending on how you use it.

The challenge here was to flip the tire around our gym (TEST Sports Club in Tinton Falls, N.J.) in 10 minutes or less.
Why less than 10 minutes?
Because You Tube wouldn’t show a video longer than that.
I couldn’t do it in under 10 minutes…my best was 14:35 (@ age 47).

So I recruited one of our Sports Performance Coaches (Sam Kiningham), to attempt it, while I explained what the benefits were during the filming.
Check …

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Bootcamp 1/29/10-Anaerobic Circuit (Fat Burn)

I used a good Crossfit workout content for today’s class.
First we started out with a good dynamic warm up.
Then we were ready for this;
5 rounds of 4 exercises, completed as quickly as possible- 10 physioball pushups, 40 yard Prowler sprint (115 or 160 lbs), 200 yard multidirectional sprint, and 10 deadlifts (guys used barbells withe either 135 or 185, the girls used dumbbells).

This was the first class I jumped in on in a long time, due to my shoulder problems.
It was good to be back.
Christa was our first woman finished in 14 minutes (that’s …

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Bootcamp Class 12/31/09 “Carousel of Fitness”

In this short clip, you will see the bootcamp class from New Year’s Eve morning going through the TEST Sports Club (Tinton Falls, N.J.) “Carousel of Fitness”.
That is simply a circular & challenging format for exercise, whether for 1 person, or a group.

Here’s how it works- there are 6 cones, about 7 yards apart, in a circle around our strength machines (although we only used bodyweight & dumbbell exercises).
For example, in our first circuit, you perform 10 pushups at the first cone, then there’s a linking exercise (like walking lunges)
to get you to the next cone, …

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Dr. Tom Bilella’s Floor Press Challenge

The floor press is a good exercise for building upper body pushing power.
Each rep forces you to overcome inertia.

During our October 2009 Fitness Challenge (@ TEST Sports Club in Tinton Falls, N.J.) the floor press was one of our 3 events.
The goal was to lift as much weight for 6 strict reps.
Tom was the winner in this event.

Check out this short clip, and see Tom kissing his biceps before the winning lift!

live right, Keith…

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