Power Plate Bulgarian Split Squat w/ Med Ball

The Power Plate is a wonderful exercise tool. It provides; muscle contraction, circulation, bone density & nervous system activation. Check out- www.powerplate.com

Bulgarian Split Squats are a challenging exercise, that helps with; balance, hip flexor stretching (important for those that spend a lot of time sitting), leg & glute strength, trunk activation, & shoulder mobility…in other words, a lot of great stuff!

If you don’t have access to a Power Plate, or other Whole Body Vibration (WBV) machine, just elevate your back foot on a step, box, or bench.

Give it a try!

live right, Keith…

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Power Plate- Strength- Elevated Treadmill Circuit

In this video, you will see Peter performing a challenging circuit with the Power Plate, bodyweight or dumbbell work, and elevated walking/ jogging.

The Power Plate uses Whole Body Vibration technology to create; muscle contraction, circulation & improve bone density.
And if you haven’t done any hill work, or elevated treadmill work…it’s very difficult.

This circuit includes many components of wellness; strength, endurance, & aerobic/ anaerobic conditioning.
Check it out. Great job Peter!

live right, Keith…

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“You’re Never Too Old”-Watch Brad (82 yrs old) Hit The Prowler Bench

I posted this video for one reason.
It’s not to talk about the killer results of the Prowler Bench (although there are many).
It’s to show people that you’re never too old.
In this clip you’ll see Brad, who is 82 years old, push the Prowler Bench 40 yards with 70 lbs.

Brad has a great approach to life.
Like all of us, he has had injuries and other obstacles in his life.
Yet he keeps a positive attitude, and has a zeast for life.
Brad booked some sessions with me to help get ready for a trip to Italy.…

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Senior Fitness-This Video Shows That You’re Never Too Old

You know how some people will jokingly say, “I’m too old for this”? Or maybe they aren’t joking.
This short clip shows a 77 year old man deadlifting 440 lbs!
I don’t want you to think I want you to try that.
I want you to stop being afraid and live your life.
This clip shows you that with a strong body & strong mind you can accomplish greatness.

live right, Keith…

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Power Plate Circuit

The Power Plate is a great machine that uses Whole Body Vibration (WBV).
The vibration promotes;
muscle contraction, circulation and bone density.
I use the Plate as a warm up tool and a strength tool.
It stimulates the neuromuscular system that helps people from athletes all the way to seniors.
In this clip you’ll see Mike perform a 3 exercise circuit on the Plate;
pushups, squats and abdominal crunches.

live right, Keith…

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Challenging Full Body & Skiing Specific Workout

Tough workouts aren’t just for young athletes.
Check out Peter (a 68 yr. old athlete) going through a challenging circuit of exercises that are designed to strengthen his heart & muscles, burn fat even after the workout is over, and get Peter ready for ski season.
Peter is really an inspiration.
He keeps himself in terrific condition with full body strength training and spin classes.
He does all this with just recently coming back from surgery.
Peter, you inspire people of all ages!

Live Right, Keith…

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