Functional Rope Training w/ Mike

In this short clip, Mike performed these 3 very challenging (the Indoor Prowler weighed over 200 lbs.) reps, per set, pulling & pushing the bench with a rope attached to it.
I didn’t shoot the cable chops, just the Prowler work.

The goal was to complete the 3 reps in less than :40.
Mike finished in :32!

I had Mike do three functional exercises.
What that means to me, is exercises that use a lot of muscle integrated together, to accomplish the goal, that also help prepare you for everyday life tasks.
The first part, pulling, utilizes the legs in …

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Heavy Rope Work

In this short clip you will see Scott performing a seated row using a heavy rope, our indoor Prowler Bench, and Dan & Carolyn as cargo (along with 2

45 lb. plates).

This exercise is good for;
back musculature, arms, forearms (grip strength), rotational ab strength…..and because it uses so much muscle, it has a profound effect on heart rate (watch Scott’s face at the end of these 3 reps!).

By the way….Scott is using approximately 435 lbs. here….good job Scott….thanks Dan & Carolyn!

live right, Keith

P.S. This footage was shot @ TEST Sports Club in Tinton Falls, N.J.…

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