Core & Anaerobic Circuit

In this video you will see Ed performing a 3 exercise core & anaerobic circuit.

The 3 exercise are; “T” pushups (good for shoulder stability & rotational core work), single leg RDL’s (it’s a reach across the opposite foot, so it works hamstring & more rotational core work), & then an 80 yard Prowler bench sprint.

This kind of circuit also causes a high heart rate response, which makes you stronger cardiovascularly, and you burn fat calories AFTER the workout is over. Remember, it’s about the intensity, but goal number 1 is, don’t get hurt.
So have someone teach you …

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40 yard, 160 lb. Indoor Prowler Bench Challenge

In this clip you will see Champion Powerlifter & former TEST Sports Club (Tinton Falls) Sports Performance Director, Joe McAuliffe, take on the club record in our Indoor Prowler Bench Challenge (40 yards, 160 lbs.).

The Prowler Bench is a great training tool.
It will give you great results, in less time, with relatively safe bio mechanics.
Start with power walking, progress to jogging & then sprinting (over weeks of time).
Then you can add weight.

Watch Joe give his all to try to top the previous record of :11.8 seconds.

live right, Keith…

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“You’re Never Too Old”-Watch Brad (82 yrs old) Hit The Prowler Bench

I posted this video for one reason.
It’s not to talk about the killer results of the Prowler Bench (although there are many).
It’s to show people that you’re never too old.
In this clip you’ll see Brad, who is 82 years old, push the Prowler Bench 40 yards with 70 lbs.

Brad has a great approach to life.
Like all of us, he has had injuries and other obstacles in his life.
Yet he keeps a positive attitude, and has a zeast for life.
Brad booked some sessions with me to help get ready for a trip to Italy.…

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Arm Circuit

Both men and women want in shape arms.
Women like to wear sleeveless clothing in the spring & summer.
Men want women to know that they’re in shape and the guys to know not to mess with them.
The problem is most people don’t have enough time to workout these days.
This arm circuit will not only pump up the arms, but the heart rate in a short amount of time.
In this clip you’ll see Mike go from a great overhead tricep exercise (which incorporates the core mucles)-into a 20 yd prowler bench push-into bicep curls.
I have several …

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