Concept 2 Rower 1 Minute Challenge

In this short clip you will see Dr. Tom Bilella, of Nutrition Treatment Center (www.nutritiontreatmentcenter.com), performing TEST Fitness’ (Tinton Falls, N.J.) 1 minute rower challenge.
The goal is to cover as much distance as possible in one minute.
So it’s an anaerobic power event.

Take a look a Tom’s technique. You want to think of this move as a powerful lower body push, where the abdominals brace & transfer force to the upper body. Then the upper body pulls to complete the stroke.
This may not seem bad, after all it’s only 1 minute.
But don’t be fooled, this is …

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40 yard, 160 lb. Indoor Prowler Bench Challenge

In this clip you will see Champion Powerlifter & former TEST Sports Club (Tinton Falls) Sports Performance Director, Joe McAuliffe, take on the club record in our Indoor Prowler Bench Challenge (40 yards, 160 lbs.).

The Prowler Bench is a great training tool.
It will give you great results, in less time, with relatively safe bio mechanics.
Start with power walking, progress to jogging & then sprinting (over weeks of time).
Then you can add weight.

Watch Joe give his all to try to top the previous record of :11.8 seconds.

live right, Keith…

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OutdoorFit Bootcamp 4/5/10

This 2 minute video clip shows TEST Sports Club’s OutdoorFit Bootcamp class on 4/5/10.
We started with an obstacle course type workout;
pushups, agility cone run, squat jumps, med ball overhead walking lunges, mini hurdles and lateral shuffles.

This type workout is great for;
aerobic/ anaerobic conditioning, muscular endurance, power through plyometrics (jump training) and fat burning.

Check it out!

live right, Keith…

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Dr. Tom Bilella’s Floor Press Challenge

The floor press is a good exercise for building upper body pushing power.
Each rep forces you to overcome inertia.

During our October 2009 Fitness Challenge (@ TEST Sports Club in Tinton Falls, N.J.) the floor press was one of our 3 events.
The goal was to lift as much weight for 6 strict reps.
Tom was the winner in this event.

Check out this short clip, and see Tom kissing his biceps before the winning lift!

live right, Keith…

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Golf Exercises

Watch Anthony perform this rotational, power exercise.
This movement is great for preparing the muscles of the trunk for softball, tennis and/or golf.
Anthony is performing this exercise on the Keiser Functional Trainer, which is great to train in multiple planes at any speed-great to train power!
Anthony and I play in a sunday softball league together starting in the spring.
This is a great exercise to get ready.…

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