Functional Training w/ a Barbell & Bodyweight

The goals of this video are; show people that they do have time for exercise (the work in this clip is 8 1/2 minutes long), to let my clients see me work hard (suffer really), and to teach that strength circuits are very time efficient for fat loss/ strength building/ and aerobic-anaerobic conditioning.
People don’t have as much time for anything anymore.
But their health is regressing while they remain sedentary.

I also wanted people to know that they can work AROUND injury issues, not THROUGH them.
I have shoulder problems, and plantar fasciitis in both feet.
This circuit was …

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Functional Rope Training w/ Mike

In this short clip, Mike performed these 3 very challenging (the Indoor Prowler weighed over 200 lbs.) reps, per set, pulling & pushing the bench with a rope attached to it.
I didn’t shoot the cable chops, just the Prowler work.

The goal was to complete the 3 reps in less than :40.
Mike finished in :32!

I had Mike do three functional exercises.
What that means to me, is exercises that use a lot of muscle integrated together, to accomplish the goal, that also help prepare you for everyday life tasks.
The first part, pulling, utilizes the legs in …

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Chris’ October Muscular Endurance Challenge

@ TEST Fitness in Tinton Falls, we put together some different & interesting fitness challenges.
In this clip you will see Chris perform a 5 minute challenge of; 10 pushups (modified), 10 step ups (modified height for Chris since he’s had knee replacement surgery ¬†about 3 yrs ago), and 10 Smith machine Modified Pullups.

The goal is to finish as many rounds of the 3 exercises, as possible, in 5 minutes running time.
This uses just your body weight to engage all muscles functionally, and at the same time create quite a heart rate response.
This is a perfect example …

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Barbell Complex-Functional Fat Burning Circuit

In this short clip you will see Ray perform an effective, time efficient strength circuit with bodyweight & 1 barbell.
These circuits stimulate a lot of muscle to work, which induces greater heart rate response & central nervous system stimulation.
That leads to; greater strength/fat burning/muscle building & aerobic/anaerobic conditioning.

You will see- Pushups (upper body push w/great stability), RDL’s (hamstring work w/core stability), Bent Rows (upper body pull w/lower & core stability), Hang Cleans (a power move that keeps your Type II muscle fibers vital-important as we age), Push Presses (full body, from legs thru shoulders), & Back Squats …

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I Want To Brag About The 6 am OutdoorFit Bootcamp Class

I already knew that these consistent & intense bootcampers were in great shape, but today was a real “Wow” moment for me.

It was also great to have the warmer weather, and least for me, I don’t think it mattered to these bootcampers, who were awesome throughout the winter.

Today’s content was;
run a 400 meter warmup, then do a dynamic warmup, they performed 2
five exercise circuits (:30 of each- DB jumping jacks, tire step ups, curb dips, squat jumps & shoulder tap pushups and they had to sprint from station to station), after each circuit they ran …

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It’s This Simple- Resistance Training for Fat Burning is King

Alwyn Cosgrove is a great;
trainer, author, businessman, who has spent a lot of time researching fat loss, and building programs that do just that.

In a recent blog post I read about research to try to get a handle on just how many calories are burned during & after resistance training, versus cardio training.

It has been well documented how many calories we burn during steady state cardio training.
The machine knows how long you have been on it, what you weigh & how fast you went.
But we have never been sure how many calories were being burned …

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Improve Your Health & Lose Weight Simply

Of the 4 macronutrients;
water, protein, carbs & fat- water is the most essential.
But what a lot of people don’t know is why.

A recent study in the Journal of Applied Physiology (7/10/08) reveals that being dehydrated can significantly impair the strength and body fat results you might be looking for from a resistance exercise program.

Dehydration caused;

increased concentrations of the stress hormones cortisol & norepinephrine (from the adrenal glands). These hormones lead to fat storage.

decrease in testosterone response to exercise

alters carb & fat metabolism

All drinks that don’t have caffeine or alcohol count towards your …

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2 Minutes of Hell for Fitness & Fat Burning

In this short video you’ll see Bryan performing a 60 yard obstacle course of;
pushups, squat jumps, jumping jacks, db squat presses and squat thrusts (10 of each) as fast as he can.
This kind of intense, functional, full body work creates;
fat burning, muscle building, & anaerobic/ aerobic conditioning.
Bryan performs this 2 minutes of hell at 5:30 in the morning!
Very impressive.
If you want to make physiological change with your body (get lean & fit), you must put some intensity (in short intervals without much volume) into your workouts.
You also NEED to eat better;
fruits, vegetables, …

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