Core & Anaerobic Circuit

In this video you will see Ed performing a 3 exercise core & anaerobic circuit.

The 3 exercise are; “T” pushups (good for shoulder stability & rotational core work), single leg RDL’s (it’s a reach across the opposite foot, so it works hamstring & more rotational core work), & then an 80 yard Prowler bench sprint.

This kind of circuit also causes a high heart rate response, which makes you stronger cardiovascularly, and you burn fat calories AFTER the workout is over. Remember, it’s about the intensity, but goal number 1 is, don’t get hurt.
So have someone teach you …

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Power Plate Superset

The Power Plate is a great tool for fitness.
It utilizes WBV (Whole Body Vibration) to promote;
muscle contraction, improved circulation & bone density.
Depending on the settings that you use (frequency, duration & amplitude), the Plate is very effective & time efficient.
For more information, check out www.powerplate.com.
In this video clip you will see Peter going through a superset of two exercises, one on the plate and one off.
This is a very effective method for getting results.
Peter performs slow pushups on the plate with a good strength setting, then instantly goes into physioball pushups/ knee …

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