Core/ Aerobic “Alligator” Walk

In this video you will see David performing a great core building, upper body strength producing exercise….and he does a great job at the technique of keeping his hips straight & shoulders over his hands.

This is an advanced exercise for working your core (trunk muscles), and will also create a high heart rate response (when you incorporate many muscles used in an exercise, there is great demand for oxygenated blood to all muscles…therefore creating a more aerobic response & burning more calories). This also can be considered an upper body pushing exercise, because of the load placed on the …

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Core & Anaerobic Circuit

In this video you will see Ed performing a 3 exercise core & anaerobic circuit.

The 3 exercise are; “T” pushups (good for shoulder stability & rotational core work), single leg RDL’s (it’s a reach across the opposite foot, so it works hamstring & more rotational core work), & then an 80 yard Prowler bench sprint.

This kind of circuit also causes a high heart rate response, which makes you stronger cardiovascularly, and you burn fat calories AFTER the workout is over. Remember, it’s about the intensity, but goal number 1 is, don’t get hurt.
So have someone teach you …

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