Functional Training w/ a Barbell & Bodyweight

The goals of this video are; show people that they do have time for exercise (the work in this clip is 8 1/2 minutes long), to let my clients see me work hard (suffer really), and to teach that strength circuits are very time efficient for fat loss/ strength building/ and aerobic-anaerobic conditioning.
People don’t have as much time for anything anymore.
But their health is regressing while they remain sedentary.

I also wanted people to know that they can work AROUND injury issues, not THROUGH them.
I have shoulder problems, and plantar fasciitis in both feet.
This circuit was …

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Barbell Complexes

Performing barbell complexes ties together a series of exercises to functionally train the whole body, improve your anaerobic/ aerobic conditioning and create a post exercise caloric burn.
This means that it works the whole body in a short amount of time, makes your heart stronger and will help you get leaner.
Check out the video, and then give it a try on your own, or with your trainer.
Select a light to moderate bar based on your present training/ fitness level.

Live Right, Keith…

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