Chris’ October Muscular Endurance Challenge

@ TEST Fitness in Tinton Falls, we put together some different & interesting fitness challenges.
In this clip you will see Chris perform a 5 minute challenge of; 10 pushups (modified), 10 step ups (modified height for Chris since he’s had knee replacement surgery ¬†about 3 yrs ago), and 10 Smith machine Modified Pullups.

The goal is to finish as many rounds of the 3 exercises, as possible, in 5 minutes running time.
This uses just your body weight to engage all muscles functionally, and at the same time create quite a heart rate response.
This is a perfect example …

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Barbell Complex-Functional Fat Burning Circuit

In this short clip you will see Ray perform an effective, time efficient strength circuit with bodyweight & 1 barbell.
These circuits stimulate a lot of muscle to work, which induces greater heart rate response & central nervous system stimulation.
That leads to; greater strength/fat burning/muscle building & aerobic/anaerobic conditioning.

You will see- Pushups (upper body push w/great stability), RDL’s (hamstring work w/core stability), Bent Rows (upper body pull w/lower & core stability), Hang Cleans (a power move that keeps your Type II muscle fibers vital-important as we age), Push Presses (full body, from legs thru shoulders), & Back Squats …

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Are You Over 40 & Looking To Get Better?

In this interview with Nutritionist, Dr. Tom Bilella (www.nutritiontreatmentcenter.com), we discuss what you can do nutritionally, and with quality supplemenation (pharmaceutical grade), to improve your fitness level, and your overall quality of life!

Proper exercise is only part of the equation to wellness.
You also need rest, proper hydration, healthy & balanced nutrition, and supplementation.
But since the FDA doesn’t regulate the supplement industry, how do you know that what you’re putting into your body is safe, absorbable, and effective?

Listen to Tom’s explanation…..this is good stuff!

live right, Keith…

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OutdoorFit Bootcamp 4/5/10

This 2 minute video clip shows TEST Sports Club’s OutdoorFit Bootcamp class on 4/5/10.
We started with an obstacle course type workout;
pushups, agility cone run, squat jumps, med ball overhead walking lunges, mini hurdles and lateral shuffles.

This type workout is great for;
aerobic/ anaerobic conditioning, muscular endurance, power through plyometrics (jump training) and fat burning.

Check it out!

live right, Keith…

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Bootcamp 1/29/10-Anaerobic Circuit (Fat Burn)

I used a good Crossfit workout content for today’s class.
First we started out with a good dynamic warm up.
Then we were ready for this;
5 rounds of 4 exercises, completed as quickly as possible- 10 physioball pushups, 40 yard Prowler sprint (115 or 160 lbs), 200 yard multidirectional sprint, and 10 deadlifts (guys used barbells withe either 135 or 185, the girls used dumbbells).

This was the first class I jumped in on in a long time, due to my shoulder problems.
It was good to be back.
Christa was our first woman finished in 14 minutes (that’s …

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Bootcamp Class 12/31/09 “Carousel of Fitness”

In this short clip, you will see the bootcamp class from New Year’s Eve morning going through the TEST Sports Club (Tinton Falls, N.J.) “Carousel of Fitness”.
That is simply a circular & challenging format for exercise, whether for 1 person, or a group.

Here’s how it works- there are 6 cones, about 7 yards apart, in a circle around our strength machines (although we only used bodyweight & dumbbell exercises).
For example, in our first circuit, you perform 10 pushups at the first cone, then there’s a linking exercise (like walking lunges)
to get you to the next cone, …

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“Imagine you are 16 years old…”

…and your parents give you your first car.
They also give you simple instructions.
There is one small hitch, you only get one car.
You can never get another.
No trade ins, no trade ups.

Ask yourself how would you maintain that car?
My guess is you would be meticulous;
frequent oil changes, proper fuel, etc.
Now imagine if your parents also told you that none of the replacement parts for this car would ever work as well as the original parts.
Not only that, the replacement parts would be expensive to install and cause you to have …

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Heavy Rope Work

In this short clip you will see Scott performing a seated row using a heavy rope, our indoor Prowler Bench, and Dan & Carolyn as cargo (along with 2

45 lb. plates).

This exercise is good for;
back musculature, arms, forearms (grip strength), rotational ab strength…..and because it uses so much muscle, it has a profound effect on heart rate (watch Scott’s face at the end of these 3 reps!).

By the way….Scott is using approximately 435 lbs. here….good job Scott….thanks Dan & Carolyn!

live right, Keith

P.S. This footage was shot @ TEST Sports Club in Tinton Falls, N.J.…

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Old School Brooklyn, Italian Arm Circuit & Posedown

Check out John & Anthony performing an Old School arm circuit and posedown afterwards.
These 2 friends from Brooklyn push each other to do their best with every workout.
If you listen closely I think you can even hear me singing along to the 70’s music (The Sweet’s “Little Willy”-I think I still have the 45- that’s right, the 45!).

live right, Keith…

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Peter’s Power Plate Superset

The Power Plate (and Whole Body Vibration in general) is a great wellness tool.
It creates;
muscle contraction, circulation and bone density.
It has application from elite athletes to senior citizens.
The vibration taps into the neuromuscular system.

In this clip you will see Peter perform a lower body superset of single leg squats into plyometric squat jumps.
Power is the first piece of the wellness puzzle that we lose as we age.
This type of training will really help slow that regression down.

Peter enjoys a very high quality of life;
strength training, spinning, skiing, traveling- all due to …

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