Core/ Aerobic “Alligator” Walk

In this video you will see David performing a great core building, upper body strength producing exercise….and he does a great job at the technique of keeping his hips straight & shoulders over his hands.

This is an advanced exercise for working your core (trunk muscles), and will also create a high heart rate response (when you incorporate many muscles used in an exercise, there is great demand for oxygenated blood to all muscles…therefore creating a more aerobic response & burning more calories). This also can be considered an upper body pushing exercise, because of the load placed on the …

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Functional Training Circuit

In this short video you will see Peter performing a challenging, functional circuit.  The three exercises are; bent kettlebell rows, resistance band squat jumps, & a :30 sprint on the Versa Climber.

Take a look at Peter’s technique on the bent row, it’s very good- flat back, head neutral, elbow high.  The resistance band squat jumps are great for activating Type IIB muscle fibers, which are the first to atrophy, or suffer from fibrosis (they become non contractile).  The Versa Climber is a great aerobic/ anaerobic interval tool.  It’s challenging because it’s vertical, it uses all four limbs, and the …

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Core & Anaerobic Circuit

In this video you will see Ed performing a 3 exercise core & anaerobic circuit.

The 3 exercise are; “T” pushups (good for shoulder stability & rotational core work), single leg RDL’s (it’s a reach across the opposite foot, so it works hamstring & more rotational core work), & then an 80 yard Prowler bench sprint.

This kind of circuit also causes a high heart rate response, which makes you stronger cardiovascularly, and you burn fat calories AFTER the workout is over. Remember, it’s about the intensity, but goal number 1 is, don’t get hurt.
So have someone teach you …

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Bootcamp Class 12/31/09 “Carousel of Fitness”

In this short clip, you will see the bootcamp class from New Year’s Eve morning going through the TEST Sports Club (Tinton Falls, N.J.) “Carousel of Fitness”.
That is simply a circular & challenging format for exercise, whether for 1 person, or a group.

Here’s how it works- there are 6 cones, about 7 yards apart, in a circle around our strength machines (although we only used bodyweight & dumbbell exercises).
For example, in our first circuit, you perform 10 pushups at the first cone, then there’s a linking exercise (like walking lunges)
to get you to the next cone, …

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