Med Ball Work

In this video you will see Bob & Rob performing 2 med ball exercises; wall rotational throws, & vertical granny tosses. Med balls are a great workout tool, that can be used for power, strength, aerobic/ anaerobic conditioning & core work.

The wall rotational throws are great for core & aerobic response, and are also sports specific to the baseball/ tennis & golf swing. The vertical granny tosses are a power squat move. You throw the ball in the air, let it bounce, catch it on the way down & let it load you into the next squat throw.

As we age, the first piece of the wellness pie we lose, is power. Those muscle fibers suffer fibrosis, & don’t contract well. Our ability to run fast & jump deteriorate as we age, if we don’t keep them vibrant. These exercises do that….and they’re fun! Give it a try.

live right, Keith

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