Concept 2 Rower 1 Minute Challenge

In this short clip you will see Dr. Tom Bilella, of Nutrition Treatment Center (www.nutritiontreatmentcenter.com), performing TEST Fitness’ (Tinton Falls, N.J.) 1 minute rower challenge.
The goal is to cover as much distance as possible in one minute.
So it’s an anaerobic power event.

Take a look a Tom’s technique. You want to think of this move as a powerful lower body push, where the abdominals brace & transfer force to the upper body. Then the upper body pulls to complete the stroke.
This may not seem bad, after all it’s only 1 minute.
But don’t be fooled, this is very tough.
Check out Tom’s heart rate after this event.
It’s not about time, it’s about intensity.
Your workout does not have to take long.

As a matter of fact, the harder you work, the shorter the workout should be.
But goal number one is….don’t get hurt.
So have someone show you the proper technique, as well as a good dynamic warmup, joint mobility work, and build up to this kind of challenge.

live right, Keith

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