Chris’ October Muscular Endurance Challenge

@ TEST Fitness in Tinton Falls, we put together some different & interesting fitness challenges.
In this clip you will see Chris perform a 5 minute challenge of; 10 pushups (modified), 10 step ups (modified height for Chris since he’s had knee replacement surgery ¬†about 3 yrs ago), and 10 Smith machine Modified Pullups.

The goal is to finish as many rounds of the 3 exercises, as possible, in 5 minutes running time.
This uses just your body weight to engage all muscles functionally, and at the same time create quite a heart rate response.
This is a perfect example of utilizing strength exercises to create fat burning & muscle building hormonal responses.
This is very important for Chris, because he isn’t allowed to run anymore, on that knee.
But his quality of life, and his golf, are going great!

Think about this- your heart doesn’t know whether you’re running, or lifting weights.
It only knows that it is receiving a signal to send a lot of blood to the working muscles.
This stimulus will create; an afterburn of fat, central nervous system activation, improved strength & muscular endurance, and it will help in losing weight.

Chris has come a long way since his knee replacement surgery, including dropping over 40 lbs of body weight, and winning the last 3 years of his club’s golf tournament (C division, and he’s moving up to the B division for next year’s tournament).
Chris credits changing his diet, and increasing his intensity and frequency of exercise as cornerstones to his movement, and weight loss success.

Give this challenge a try!

live right, Keith

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