Barbell Complex-Functional Fat Burning Circuit

In this short clip you will see Ray perform an effective, time efficient strength circuit with bodyweight & 1 barbell.
These circuits stimulate a lot of muscle to work, which induces greater heart rate response & central nervous system stimulation.
That leads to; greater strength/fat burning/muscle building & aerobic/anaerobic conditioning.

You will see- Pushups (upper body push w/great stability), RDL’s (hamstring work w/core stability), Bent Rows (upper body pull w/lower & core stability), Hang Cleans (a power move that keeps your Type II muscle fibers vital-important as we age), Push Presses (full body, from legs thru shoulders), & Back Squats (traditional lower body push w/ great core involvement).

Start with light weights, and progress.
Build up to using challenging weights, for only a few reps per each exercise.

live right, Keith

P.S. This footage was shot @ TEST Sports Club Tinton Falls, N.J.

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