Simple Nutrition “Rules of Thumb”

This is for Charlotte….and anyone else who is confused over all the information circulating on tv, on the internet, in print…about what foods you should eat, and which ones you should limit or avoid.

I decided the easiest way to convey this information, and for you to best understand it all, was to put it in bullett point format.
So here goes-

* There are 4 macronutrients that are essential to healthy living;
water, protein, carbohydrates and fats.

* Your body is made up of approximately 70% water, making it the most important macronutrient.
Formula- drink at least 1/2 your …

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OutdoorFit Bootcamp 4/5/10

This 2 minute video clip shows TEST Sports Club’s OutdoorFit Bootcamp class on 4/5/10.
We started with an obstacle course type workout;
pushups, agility cone run, squat jumps, med ball overhead walking lunges, mini hurdles and lateral shuffles.

This type workout is great for;
aerobic/ anaerobic conditioning, muscular endurance, power through plyometrics (jump training) and fat burning.

Check it out!

live right, Keith…

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