The Biggest Loser

Fitness expert, Amanda Vogel recently posted an article about the very popular show, The Biggest Loser, on her blog.
Here’s the link-

The post covers;
fitness expert opinions of the show & exercise content, the certifications of the show’s main trainers (Jillian & Harper), and much more.
If you’re interested, or a fan of the show, or a hater of the show, you will find this post informative.

I watch from time to time to see what exercise content that they use to train these people.
It’s excessive to me.
But then again, ratings are going to be based on drama, and drastic results.
Using common sense, a periodized exercise program and positivity wouldn’t get ratings.

But I believe the show is bad for the fitness industry, and it’s one of the reasons that there’s only 30% of our country exercising (and only 14% using gyms).
If an out of shape beginner is watching this show, they must think, “that’s definitely not for me”.

Tell me what you think.

live right, Keith

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