It’s This Simple- Resistance Training for Fat Burning is King

Alwyn Cosgrove is a great;
trainer, author, businessman, who has spent a lot of time researching fat loss, and building programs that do just that.

In a recent blog post I read about research to try to get a handle on just how many calories are burned during & after resistance training, versus cardio training.

It has been well documented how many calories we burn during steady state cardio training.
The machine knows how long you have been on it, what you weigh & how fast you went.
But we have never been sure how many calories were being burned during resistance training.

The other part that is tougher to figure is the EPOC (Excess Post Oxygen Consumption).
This tells us how many calories are burned after the workout is over.

Here’s what Alwyn discovered.
Resistance training burns 71% more calories during the same time frame versus cardio steady state training.
It’s about 20-28 calories per minute.
If the workout is of high intensity, the calorie burning last 24-36 hours AFTER the exercise ends.

So to me it’s quite simple. Resistance training (metabolic circuits) is King for getting fit & burning fat.
That’s why sprinter’s body’s are lean & muscular- they perform short & intense bursts of exercise.

Cardio equipment can be used for sprint intervals, recovery workouts or sports specificity training.

live right, Keith

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  • Great info Keith!! It seems like an easy choice for me.

    Comment | September 20, 2009

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