Are Anti-Inflammatories Really Helpful?

I read an article from the New York Times that delved into research in regards to the effectiveness of anti-inflammatories (ibuprofen).
This article is from 9/1/09 and the writer is Gretchen Reynolds.

David Nieman conducted a study using ultramarathoners, many of whom consistently use anti-inflammatories to help manage pain & inflammation from training, both before/ during & after training or competing.
These meds are generally referred to as NSAID’s (non steroidal anti-inflammatory painkillers).

Mr. Nieman’s findings- there were no benefits for training or pain management.
But here were the side effects;
more inflammation, mild kidney impairment, perceived pain was the same for both users & non users, slowed healing of muscles/ tendons/ ligaments/ bones, inhibited the production of prostaglandins & collagen, muscles & bones don’t thicken (strengthen) from the training.

So when is it good to use NSAID’s?
When you have inflammation & pain from an acute (new) injury).

A healthy diet, one rich in antioxidants (fruits & veges- like pineapple) are helpful.
So is contrasting treatment of a hot tub & cold plunge, as well as, planning active & passive recovery into your workout program.

Finding supplements that aid in cellular regeneration and reduce inflammation have also proven to be helpful.

live right, Keith

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