Barbell Complexes for Bootcamp Class

Barbell complexes are simply, a series of exercises done consecutively without putting the barbell down.
There are an excellent functional & metabolic tool to help you get;
strong, fit, and lean.
I used the complexes with our friday 2 pm bootcamp class (Christa, Matt, Kat, Mike, Greg, Bob & Sam were the participants).
The exercises that we did were;
bent rows, hang cleans, front squats, push presses, back squats and good mornings.
For a class setting you need to know your people so that you can select an appropriate rep & weight parameter for each person.

You’ll notice that Sam …

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Independence Day

Watch this clip of LeAnn Rimes singing “America the Beautiful”.
We may have our difficulties here in America, but we’re still the greatest country on the planet.
Among other things, a country’s greatness can be measured by how many people are trying to get in your country, and how many are trying to get out.
Many foreigners criticize our country, but there are still millions trying to get into America.
Happy Birthday America!
I’m proud to be an American.

live right, Keith…

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Charity Touch Football Tournament in Giants Stadium

On Saturday 6/27/09 the Aubrey Lewis Cerebral Palsy Giants Stadium Touch Football Tournament was played.
I missed playing last year due to a hernia.
I begged my teammates to sign up again this year (each team pays $1000. donation fee).
It was a dream come true to play on that turf, in that stadium.
There have been so many Giants games and concerts (Bruce, The Police, Elton John & Billy Joel to name a few) that I watched from those seats.
The games were fast paced and intense.
We played 5 straight games, 30 minutes each, no timeouts, no half …

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