Childhood Obesity

A mom in Greenville, South Carolina had her 550 lb., 14 year old son, taken from her due to her parental neglect.
The mother was also brought up on charges.
Part of me is happy because I’m judging her poor guidance and supervision for her boy.
However, I also feel badly for her and her son, because she has to work so many hours for living expenses, that she isn’t raising her son- he’s raising himself.
It’s obvious they both need help with information to make better life choices.

To see more on the story & video, go to www.cbs.com

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Strongman Competition 6/20/09

On Saturday 6/20/09 a Strongman Competition was held at TEST Sports Club in Tinton Falls, N.J.
It started raining lightly at the start of the competition, but shortly thereafter, it was pouring.
But the show marched on!

Sam Kiningham (TEST Sports Performance Coach/ Youth Trainer) was the man in charge.
Sam organized it, secured prizes from sponsors and had everyone motivated.
Of course behind the scenes there was a team effort between staff & participants.

The events were; Tire Flips (300 lb for the guys, 100 lb for the women), Farmer’s Walk (100 lb for men, 35 lb. for women), …

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Ab Exercise (Wheel) for Core Strength

In this short clip, Peter (age 68) shows you 2 versions of using the ab wheel.
The first version targets the abs, where the second version hits;
abs, lats, shoulder, low back, hips, glutes…..

Crunches are not the best way to prepare & strengthen the abs.
Repeated spinal flexion isn’t the way to go.
The abs dynamically stabilize the body during movement.
Using the ab wheel is a great way to get strong, fit, cut abs.
Check out the video clip, and then try the version that you are best suited for.

live right, Keith

P.S. This footage was shot …

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Power Plate Squats w/ Chains

Check out John performing a great combination of Old School
& New Technology.
He’s performing squats on the Plate (30 hertz, 60 seconds, low amplitude) with 50 lbs worth of chains over his shoulders.
When using the Plate you don’t need to use much weight to stimulate a great strength response.
The Power Plate uses Whole Body Vibration (WBV) to stimulate;
muscle contraction, bone density & circulation.
John kept his concentration even while everybody around him was busting his chops for working with the big chains.
You’ll see him laughing as we start & then Peter comes in near …

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