Functional Training w/ Sandbags, Med Balls & Sled

This 3 minute video clip will show you a great, challenging and creative functional circuit. With all the rain we’ve had here at the Jersey Shore this spring, it was nice to have a beautiful morning to work with Mike (with our intern Dan’s help). These types of workouts are great for; functional lifestyle strength & performance, fat burning and busy schedules. Check out Mike as he goes through; sandbag 1 leg rows (which is great for upper back with core stabilization & grip), sandbag pick up squats (this is a leg & rotational core exercise-it uses a lot of muscle!), med ball wall rotational throws (super for golf, tennis & softball), and lastly- a 150 yard sled run. Mike performed this circuit twice with 2-3 minutes rest in between. We also performed 2 different circuits for 2 sets each-all in 40 minutes!
Check it out!
live right, Keith

P.S. This footage was shot @ TEST Sports Club in Tinton Falls, N.J.

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