Senior Fitness-This Video Shows That You’re Never Too Old

You know how some people will jokingly say, “I’m too old for this”? Or maybe they aren’t joking.
This short clip shows a 77 year old man deadlifting 440 lbs!
I don’t want you to think I want you to try that.
I want you to stop being afraid and live your life.
This clip shows you that with a strong body & strong mind you can accomplish greatness.

live right, Keith…

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Functional Training Circuit

In this clip you’ll see Bryan going through 3 challenging, full body, functional exercises.
The 3 exercises are;
band assisted chin ups (great exercise from the abs and up), plyo box rear barbell lunges (this is great for;
abs on down, balance, stretching the hip flexor which gets tight on people who spend a lot of time sitting, helps running performance because of training for forward propulsion), & med ball power crunches (great for:
shoulder mobility, core muscles, ab work, sports skills like the soccer throw in).
These types of circuits also help with fat burning because of the physiological …

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