Functional Training Circuit

OK, let me set the scene.
With David Bowie playing in the background, Bryan (soon to be 47 yrs old), training @ 5:30 am before his commute to the City,
performs a very challenging 5 functional, full body exercise circuit.
The circuit will work the whole body for almost 2 minutes straight, causing an anaerobic heart rate response.
That will cause Bryan to burn fat calories for the next 24 hours.
The circuit consists of sprinting 60 yards to 5 different stations;
20 pushups, 10 reaching jump squats (Bryan can jump!), 10 jumping jacks, 10 dumbbell power clean to presses, 10 squat thrusts-and then he runs past the cone where he started.
Kyle-the 24 year old timing Bryan, did a Buddy workout with Bryan.
They each did 3 complete circuits.
Bryan’s best time was 1:37.94-on his last run!
Great job guys!

live right, Keith

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