Problems Sleeping?

So many people have trouble getting the rest that they need to maintain their health & immune system.
I read a great article on the subject from Dr. Raj Gupta.
The article spoke of the amount of sleep needed as we age (as much as 16 hrs/day @ age 6 months- 8-9 hrs for 16 year olds & older).
If you watch any tv, you can’t help but see many drug commercials aimed at helping people get more rest.
Natural solutions to getting more rest are;
Valerian (an herb), Melatonin, Relaxation Techniques (yoga, meditation), Diet (no caffeine, sweets-add legumes, seeds, bran, nuts & dark leafy veges), Aromatherapy, Light (dark for sleeping), Soothing Music, Acupuncture, Exercise and natural supplements (chamomile, hops, passionflower, lemon balm). For more information on the subject you can check out Dr. Gupta @

live right, Keith

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