Get Lean While Achieving Peak Cardio Shape in Less Time!

Everyone is interested in having a healthy, strong cardiovascular system and losing bodyfat.
But how do you achieve these goals, and can you fit these things into your already hectic schedule?
The answer is yes!
The number one priority for fat loss is improved nutrition (see www.nutritiontreatmentcenter.com).
For this post we’re going to concentrate on the goal oriented cardiovascular programming, which is the second priority.

A) First, proper testing is needed.
I use the Conconi Protocol to determine anaerobic threshold & recovery heart rates.
I prefer to test on the treadmill.
I increase the workload each minute while tracking …

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Golf Exercises

Watch Anthony perform this rotational, power exercise.
This movement is great for preparing the muscles of the trunk for softball, tennis and/or golf.
Anthony is performing this exercise on the Keiser Functional Trainer, which is great to train in multiple planes at any speed-great to train power!
Anthony and I play in a sunday softball league together starting in the spring.
This is a great exercise to get ready.…

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Will Smith Makes It Simple

How did Will Smith go from small time rap artist to Hollywood icon?
He made a
CHOICE to out work everyone else.
Yes, he has talent, but so do many people.
What does this mean to you?
Make a choice.
A choice to be happy…to be successful…to be healthier, leaner….to be whatever it is you want.
Check out this interview clip.…

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